Gory story

A collection of 55-word stories

  • Sharp pencils

    Thirty long-tip sharpened TICONDEROGA®s pointed up, spontaneously waiting to strike, start nose down. After a few lines, another hits the paper. Stopped by timer vibrations, minute 09.99 turns into a hot flash of New Year’s Eve as the wrist explodes into flesh bits. Gotta learn to write non-dominantly. Next time without a wristwatch.

  • Left toes

    The sunshine poured through the trees. Alongside traffic, he decided to clip out. He dismounted his bike and heard a crunch. A car had run over his left toes. After the initial disbelief, he screamed in horror knowing that his career had abruptly ended. His dreams were crushed. He’d spend his days behind a desk.

  • Extension cord

    Slowly droplets pool under the bucket where I’ve soaked my feet. Unbeknownst to me, the pool spreads to the extension cord. A flood of current thumps me like a pastured cow. I shockingly pull my feet out and yank the extension cord. Dazed, I realize I’m alright and now I need to mop. “Shit!”