Gory story

A collection of 55-word stories

  • Neti pot

    She’d spent hours amidst the white noise of rain soaking up peace. Sniffles and the neti pot followed for a pick-me-up, positive morning. Nasal showers made way for four slithering tad poles along her sinus walls. Wiggle wiggle. “That little fucker!” … She’d deal with him after coaxing the taddies out one passage or the other.

  • Oyster shuckers

    Oyster 37 refused to give way without unreasonable force. The shucker instead embedded itself between Staffer 1’s middle left finger and nail. His shrieks were masked by roller-bag tourists’ open-mouthed, ceiling-facing cackles. Staffer 2 stepped in. Customer is king. Uninsured Staffer 1 bandaged himself up. “See you tomorrow,” they grimaced. He called it a night.

  • Graphite flecks

    She scrambled through the exam with flecks of graphite splintering under pressure. One chunk lodged itself into the right side of her neck and tunelled its way in several centimeters like a landing Goa’uld mothership. She kept writing as the dripping liquid obscured her answers. There was no winning, so she turned in her biohazard.